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Propeller & Skeg Repair

All propellers and skegs are professionally repaired by Tony Vosters, a certified NMPA technician.  The work is done by hand to ensure the highest quality and durability.  Once repaired, the propeller or skeg will perform as new. We guarantee it! In the event that it can’t be repaired, Fox River Prop can offer you a replacement from a choice of many different manufacturers.

  Every time you pull your boat from the water, examine your propeller and skeg.  If you see damage,  give us a call or stop by. Most propellers and skegs can be repaired. Fox River Prop can evaluate and offer a solution to get you back on the water quickly. If you do have a badly damaged propeller, there is a chance that the prop shaft can be bent. Bring your boat in, and we can check the prop shaft with a dial indicator while you wait.

  Also, we can troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing such as, vibration, cavitation, slow planing, blowout, incorrect RPM’s or hub failure.

  When your prop is running optimally, you will save fuel and your boat will operate safely and efficiently.

Before                       After

Fox River Prop can repair or replace your damaged skeg. A proper functioning skeg will keep your motor safe by preventing damage to your propeller. It is also important in the steering of your boat. The skeg is usually the first thing that makes contact with a submerged object. Keep your boat safe and replace broken or damaged skegs.


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